Sunday, May 17, 2015

feast of frissons

Khánh H. Lê captures the Asian-American potluck perfectly in collage. From the china cabinet and mismatched chairs to the Pepsi can and backward cap... Such a scene used to run on repeat for the Breck and Chue households.
Shahzia Sikander, the best discovery of the semester. Whether large-scale or miniature, her works feature an incredible density of information. I like it when struggle is effortlessly presented. Sikander at work:
張大千, Zhang Daqian: Sichuan-born impressionist-expressionist who left in 1949 to work in places as near and dear as Carmel, CA. Japanese training is evident. What colors must mark his soul...! Below, his snow. See Google's tribute:

Ingres blurs just enough to undermine photorealism: a defense of drawing in the days of daguerreotype. 
 Endless points of interest: Damian Elwes, peeking into the workspaces of Picasso and Calder (the mobile guy). Others:

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