Friday, June 20, 2014

the case for colored dresses

Dear Mr. Boitz and Mr. Pwu,

As the Spain tour draws nearer, some senior girls have come forth with a colorful proposition: might female members of the orchestra, for one of the concerts, wear our prom dresses? While we understand that the school-issued dresses maintain unity and demurity among the performers, we would like to “let loose” for once with our appearances, in hopes that the resulting performance may be similarly electrified.

Here’s our reasoning:
- Girls spend, on average, between $100 and $300 on their prom dresses, for one-time use. Much like wedding dresses, these thoughtfully selected gowns reside in closets, never to be worn again.
- The black dresses tend to efface black-haired players. Also, after repeated wear on tour, they shall become malodorous cisterns of sweat, thanks to the Spanish humidity and time constraints. To change dresses for one concert--how refreshing!
- Wearing prom dresses shall not distract from music-making or cohesion of a serious group such as SSO; rather, it should improve the quality of it. When people feel lovely, this brightness pours into all they do.

Concerns and their possible solutions:
- Exclusion of underclassmen: not every girl has a formal gown, especially the sophomores-going-on-juniors. However, many girls have formal dresses from other musical engagements/special occasions. Some senior girls shall have two or more prom dresses by June, and would be happy to share. Not every girl need participate if she wouldn’t like to.
- Modesty of gowns: orchestra girls, being the tasteful musicians that they are, select their dresses with decency. Like soloist garb, their dresses do not reveal inordinate amounts of skin/random chunks of flesh that distract from the performance (see photo).
- What about the boys? Perhaps they can wear colored ties.

Our classmates, tethered by stress, seldom dip into their inner wells of school spirit and exuberance (as investigated in the latest Saratoga Falcon). What better opportunity have we to encourage student expression? A simple one-time exchange such as this shall be one of the innumerable once-in-a-lifetime memories to be created on tour. In the spirit of Spain, of infectious rhythms and vibrant colors, of poblano peppers and azure waters, of the joy that comes from sharing music, we ask you to consider our idea. Thank you.

Gloria Breck

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  1. Sadly, no 'Utzah,' but still a masterpiece in itself ;)