Wednesday, February 5, 2014

muah (ha ha)!

Yet another collaboration with my dear Julianne (woolianne) in Lit class! Today's exercise required us to churn out two sonnets in a half-hour. Sadly, we had barely finished the first quatrain of each before Madame Teacher collected them. In need of closure, I rushed home to complete the Shakespearean sonnet here (never mind Petrarch). Thus, I present to you Sonnet I, inspired by numerous after-school adventures at CVS Pharmacy, sub-titled "MAC Viva Glam IV" or "The Case for Lip Lacquer":

Within the garden of your pink visage,
The two-lipped tulip breaketh barren soil;
Though some would say it bare makes best corsage,
Gild them instead with hydrolyzèd oil.
Make no mistake, do not equate her to
Those ball-point instruments incarnadine --
The errant marks and quarks she does not woo,
Rather enhances character with shine. 
As pilgrims' palms and flushèd cheeks do meet,
A crimson cape seeks contours to caress;
Hark, hear her from cylindric bed entreat, 
Dost thou intend to waste her coy largesse?
When winter maketh lips Grand Canyon-shaped,
Ensure they be in blushing curtain draped.

... Our early Valentine's Day salute to you. XO 

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