Thursday, August 1, 2013

hep hep for the cep

Why did everyone want to be best friends with the mushroom?

noun: An edible European and North American bolete mushroom.

In the dry woodlands of Italy grows a little mushroom,
In the dry foothills of Saratoga grows a small person.
The little mushroom has a smooth brown cap,
The small person has a frizzy brown head.
This cep is also called the penny-bun,
The Gloria is sometimes called the penny-saver.
Mushrooms spring up in the nighttime and disappear in a blink,
Gloria springs up at lunchtime and makes sad attempts at a wink.
When simmered in an herby broth, the cep tenderizes and sighs,
When simmered in a bubble bath, Gloria becomes happy and wise.
The cep, like all mushrooms, does not lay down roots.
The Gloria, like some girls, enjoys traversing in boots.
The cep pairs well with egg noodles and thyme,
The Gloria forgets to consistently rhyme.

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